Twitter App Developers: Here’s a Small Money-Making Idea

For folks like me who use Twitter as their primary source of information, I “star” or “favorite” about 50 messages per week. Of course, I never have time to go back and click-through them and read them online. I’m up to 300 today and just “unfavorited” them all out of frustration. Currently, there are some good (free) resources available that will let you read your favorite tweets at your own pace, such as Instapaper, Flipboard, and you can now “stumble through them” on the new hack In order for me to read these, I have to be online and I have to manually go through each article. My wish would be to have some service access all of my favorite tweets, suck-out the information (text, not videos), and present them to me in a PDF format so that I could read them on my iPad and iPhone, offline, and catch up my weekly reading without the distraction of being online; this could be done through a PDF reader, etc.. And, since I don’t pay for any magazine subscriptions (either physical or online), I have a willingness to pay for this. I wouldn’t subscribe monthly, but I would pay $9.99 annually to have this service deliver this information to me weekly. Anyone know of services like this and/or have other ideas about how to keep up with this? Or, maybe I should just keep Twitter asynchronous and not star any tweet?