Why I’d like to see @twitter on the Silver Screen

In the Official Scripped.com Screenwriting Contest for a non-fiction documentary about how Twitter is used in and around the world, we decided on the following eight (8) categories and examples.

Why did we select these as the chapters? Each 10-page script translates roughly to 10 minutes of airtime, which would give us, with narration and framing, about a 90-minute documentary. A step further, we wanted to define the topics the Scripped.com  community could write about as an editorial decision, so that we could highlight high-profile and deep ways in which Twitter has made its mark on elections, politics, corporate responsibility, the transition in media, reverse-911, comedy and sensation, and my own favorite, how it could help transform traditionally closed societies. 

“In this official Scripped contest, we want to find eight (8) ten-page non-fiction scripts about specific topics that Twitter has had a large impact on. You only have three requirements: (1) Stay within the 10-page limit; (2) Your script has to be within one of the broad topics listed below; and (3) Your script should be based on verifiable facts (or tweets) – we don’t want fiction here.”

  • Politics & Elections (2009 Iranian elections)
  • Sports & Celebrity (LeBron & The Decision; or Conan O’Brien)
  • Corporate PR (BP Oil Spill and @BPGlobalPR)
  • News & Media (The Future of News & Twitter)
  • Philanthropy & Causes (The Case of @CharityWater)
  • Cultural Resistance (Nobel Laureate Lui Xiaobo & Twitter in China)
  • Disaster Notification (The 2008 Mumbai Attacks & Haiti Earthquake)
  • Twitter Sensations (How @shitmydadsays became a TV show)


Official Scripped.com “Twitter Movie” Contest Link: http://scripped.com/contests/twitter