Example of a sincere cover letter

My good friend has consulted for the State of California for almost 10 years. He’s slowing down and wants to make a change now to his life long passion, sharing his knowledge of wine and cheese. This was a cover letter he sent to a random job listing for a basic entry level job, just to get his foot in the door. It’s so good, I wanted to share it with you all, after seeking his permission, of course:

Subject: The Cheese School of San Francisco – Prep & Customer Service Assistant

Dear Cheese School of San Francisco,

I am writing to express my interest in the Prep and Customer Service Assistant position.  After reading over your website, I am very impressed with the school, especially for the talented instructors involved with the classes and programs.  Being very passionate about wine and cheese, I am looking for an opportunity to learn from and work with the best.

I am seeking an opportunity to both learn and assist others as I continue to expand on my knowledge of wine and cheese.  This winter, I am taking the “Artesian Cheese Making” course at the college of Marin in an effort to have first hand knowledge of the complexities of cheese.  In addition, I enjoy putting together private wine and cheese pairings for wine clubs and gatherings of friends.

While the resume before you may not be considered typical for a position such as this; I am not your typical individual.  My resume demonstrates ability to successfully lead others and highlights my desire to always go above and beyond to complete a project or provide excellent customer service. From project planning in the non-profit realm to a managing a family run business, and cooking in two small restaurants, throughout every opportunity, I pursue the pleasure of helping others and the satisfaction of working hard. Truly, the common thread in my varied experiences is my enthusiasm for the work at hand.

I am a consultant for XX and currently, I am pursuing a change in careers. Recent events, like the birth of my newborn daughter, have led me to pause and reconsider how I live my life.  My love of wine and cheese began as a hobby and is unfolding into a career.  I believe that the Cheese School is the ideal place for this change of life to begin. I am confident that my versatility and passion for cheese together with my increasing knowledge of the curd will make me an asset to your team at the Cheese School of San Francisco. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to personally introducing myself and speaking with you more about this opportunity to work together.