An accountant to do your taxes

Our close family friend who lives outside New York City has been doing my taxes for the past 10+ years. He’s a CPA and used to do the tax work on the side from his real job because “he really liked it.” Now he’s trying to expand a bit more to friends of friends, and since I’ve been so happy with him, I offered to spread the word a bit as a very personal recommendation. Here’s the breakdown and cost:

  • If you are single and have a W-2 with a few 1099s and a standard deduction – cost is $75-100.
  • If you are married and the couple has a W-2 and a few 1099s and a standard deduction – cost is $100-125.
  • If you reside in high taxed states such as California or New York, a couple may qualify to itemize – cost could reach $150-175.
  • Stock transactions requiring completing Schedule D would also be an additional cost.

Basically, I send him my W-2s and my wife’s and a bunch of receipts, and then he sends me back a draft, and I look over it, and then he emails the final with instructions. It’s always smooth and I never worry about it. He’s good. If you want to reach him, contact/email me and I’ll forward your note to him.