The Facebook Mafia (Map)


This map shows a handful of key early Facebook employees and investors and what those folks are up to today. Briefly, Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and early employee Justin Rosenstein have founded Asana. Former Facebook CTO Adam D’Angelo and Facebook Connect architect Charlie Cheever have founded Quora. Both of these companies raised a single A round of funding led by Matt Cohler, the former LinkedIn executive, one of Facebook’s first external executive hires, who is still a special advisor to Facebook and is now a partner at Benchmark Capital. Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes has founded Jumo. Dave Morin has founded Path and Jeff Hammerbacher is a co-founder of Cloudera, while Josh Elman is now on product at Twitter and Owen van Natta has been at MySpace and now currently at Zynga, both of them in executive roles. The other interesting caveat is to look at what new startups some of these people have invested in as early-stage investors. It turns out that not only are their second entrepreneurial acts quite compelling, but they’ve managed to invest in companies such Instagram, Spotify, Airtime, Milk, Path, Hot Potato, Venmo, Birchbox, Flipboard,, many others.and of course, in each others’ companies!