The Quora Primer

This page contains a collection of all of my blog posts and answers related to Quora, both as a business, as a digital media site, and some viewpoints on the psychology behind the site, as well as how it could impact the Internet and media in the future. About half of the links below will redirect to a Quora answer or post I’ve provided earlier, the rest to this blog.

Converting to Quora (link)
Twitter and Q&A (link)
Quora’s December 2010 Surge (link)
Quora Compared to Other Q&A Sites (link)
A Quora FAQ  (link)
The Thin Wedge of Quora (link)
Quora’s Main Challenges in 2011 (link)
Quora Trending (link)
Quora and Brands (link)
Quora Feed Hacks (link)
Quora and Mobile (link)
Quora and The Long Tail of Information (link)
Quora and Ambient Awareness (link)
Quora and Information vs. Knowledge (link)
Crowd Science Applied to Quora (link)
Rankings Drive Reputation (link)
Quora and Discovery of Writing (link)
Quora in the Mainstream (link)
Quora’s Topic Ontology (link)
Quora Crowdsourcing and Curation (link)
Quora’s Brand of Curation (link)
Quora Buttons (link)
Quora and Celebrity Behaviors (link)
Primary Sources and Content Verticals on Quora (link)
Tying Quora Identity to LinkedIn (link)
The World of Quora [Infographic] (link)
The Thick Edge of Quora (link)
Searching by Asking Questions (link)
Deconstructing the Quora Newsfeed (link)
The Significance of Quora’s LiveNode Framework (link)
Quora and the 1-9-90 Rule of Content Generation (link)
Speculating on Quora’s iPhone Application (link)
Quora and Discovery (link)
Quora and Foreign Languages (link)
Quora and Speculation on Series B Investment (link)
Quora’s Main Challenges in 2012 (link)
Quora and Consumer Internet Valuations (link)
Quora Activity Outside Silicon Valley (link)
Key Metrics for Evaluating Quora (link)
Rethinking the Quora iPhone App (link)
Quora and the Quest for Long Tail Search (link)