The Follow-up

Let’s assume, for this post, a crude 80/20 rule. Here are some things I’ve observed of late where folks are trying to get quality meetings with others:

  • A lot of “luck” may simply be tied to showing up. It may be that 80% of people don’t show up or aren’t prepared.
  • Of the 20% that do show up prepared, 80% don’t follow-up.
  • Of the 20% that do follow up, 80% follow up too aggressively, to the point it may turn the target “off.”
  • Of the 20% that do follow up in a more measured, moderate manner are…well…more likely to make a real connection for someone they are trying to get in front of.

For every 1,000 souls, by this crude logic, 8 of them have a very good chance to make a successful connection. Be in that 0.8% if you can.