Travel Stress

Many people are waiting for “social” to cut up consumer travel and reinvent it. Add me to that group. I haven’t fully thought through what the solutions may be, but let me just share what my preferences and pain points are:

  • I want to travel overseas in August to celebrate my anniversary.
  • I asked for recommendations to personal travel agents on Twitter and FB.
  • Of the only 4-5 recommendations I’ve received, not one has followed up from my original email.
  • For the places I want to go, I need a bit more attention than Hipmunk or Expedia can offer.
  • My wife and I have been saving for this particular vacation, so are willing to spend a bit more than normal on this one.

After 20+ days of searching, I’m back at Square One. No travel agent. No dedicated site to make all the plans. And, I’m holding all my cash.