facePhone 5

I’m writing this post more to ask a question and solicit feedback, rather than advance a point of view. Please tell me what you think!

The new “Facebook Messenger” app for iPhone is slick. If you don’t have it yet, get it. I haven’t been paying attention to this, but started thinking about what Facebook could do on the iPhone, as it’s the one company that can potentially bully around Apple. A few people on Twitter have suggested the possibility that Facebook could release a series of “federated” apps for specific functions that are on the homescreen, building on “messages,” such as a voice/call function, one app for calendaring and events, one app for pictures/videos and media, and maybe one app for news or a newsfeed.

If an iPhone screen can hold 16 + 4 (bottom nav bar) apps, could Facebook release 5 or more branded apps that all leverage the massive amounts of data we have already given the company? And, if they do take this route, what does it mean for Facebook and for Apple?