Age 24-29 in San Francisco, Read This

I miss living “in” San Francisco. A lot. I used to live there a while ago, and now I luckily get to spend a bit more time there per week. It’s always exciting to go back. I don’t mind the commute at all. The last time I lived in the city, from age 24-29, was easily the best five years of my life. Better than college. I lived with great friends, folks I still talk to frequently today. I met my wife in SF during this time. I had random jobs, met all sorts of normal and eccentric people. I barely slept. We hosted parties or went to parties all the time. After a year of settling in, I basically walked all over the city and grew to love the fog, the coziness. Why am I recounting all these times? Because now I’m hanging out with some friends who are in this time, like I was a few years ago, and it is awesome to watch (and live vicariously through). That’s not to say that current life isn’t good — it’s just different. That’s not to say these golden years won’t last, they certainly can. But sometime when I was 29, within a three month span, everyone around me started to leave SF, either for school, or going back closer to their parents, or more affordable ZIP codes, or even to Burma. The city changed really quickly for me, yet it remains, in many ways, the same. So, if you’re in the city now, enjoy it to the fullest. It will always be there, no doubt, but the cast & crew, the life that they bring, will ebb & flow at times. Salut!