A Rare Opportunity To Explore Venture Capital

Oddly enough, I got to know Josh from Freestyle because his partner interviewed me for a role two years ago. There wasn’t a fit, but we got along and stayed in touch. Since then, Josh has been super-helpful in so many ways. He returns every email. He spends time with founders that are referred into him. He says “no” clearly, directly, and politely. He is open and honest about his successes and his not-so-hot moments. He was gracious and spent time “In the Studio” with me (see above for the video), which I’d recommend watching. Everyone knows Josh and maybe Dave, so there’s no point in rehashing their accomplishments here. But, what people may not know is why Josh and Dave started Freestyle and what type of role they want to play. When it comes to investors, these guys are just different. The experience would be markedly different than what one would see inside a bigger venture fund. Josh and Dave each make about 5-6 investments per year, and they work closely with those companies. They are very invested in these few companies, so someone in this role would really get to see them operate. And, because they’re a small operation with a big brand, and because they’re still operators at heart, this is really a rare opportunity for someone who is curious about venture to work closely with great people. You can see the job listing here. Venture is an attractive industry to many different types of people, but for those who are interested in early-stage situations, I can’t think of a better, more hands-on opportunity. And, no doubt that Josh will show you the door in two years so that you obtain more operational experience.