Hosting Gautam Gupta (@gramblings) “In The Studio”

As I add more archives from “In the Studio,” it’s awesome to look back on some of the earliest episodes we shot at the start of 2012. Today’s video features Gautam Gupta, who is a close personal friend, and happens to be the CEO and co-founder of NatureBox. In this video, Gautam first shares his experience of being in venture capital from a very young age. Turns out he spent close to seven years in venture before breaking off to found his first company. I’d encourage anyone who is young and thinking about venture to hear from Gautam about his experience. In this discussion, we also talk about his company — NatureBox — which is on a tear right now, distributing healthy snacks on a monthly basis to households across America. Even thought we cut this video in January 2012, now over a year later, it’s fascinating to see how far Gautam and his team have advanced.