Hosting @BradfordCross “In The Studio”

I joke that Bradford Cross is like a fine wine — an acquired taste, in the most positive sense of the term. Bradford is one of the few people I’ve met and worked with that has very deep motivations for taking the path of entrepreneurship. That doesn’t make it right or wrong, or better or worse, than others, but it does set a bar that is very high, and Bradford is someone who strives for that bar. I was lucky to meet him early in his Prismatic journey, and man, we loudly debated the likelihood someone could pull off personalized news like he and his team have. Then, I got a chance to work with him closer on product, strategy, and mobile during my time with Javelin, and it was awesome to see Bradford grow as a technical entrepreneur, outside his comfort zone, to learn more about design, marketing, and distribution. I’d encourage you to watch this video (originally taped back in the spring of 2012) to see just how “in the zone’ Bradford is — this is something I like to look for in founders when I meet them.