Hosting Ashu Garg of Bloomreach “In The Studio”

This video of Ashu, CTO of Bloomreach, is one of my favorites. Bloomreach is a rocket-ship company in the B2B marketing space, and the insights that led Ashu and his team to this market are not trivial. After immigrating to the U.S., studying, working at IBM and then Google, Ashu studied, for decades, just how personalized content and information could become. Bloomreach is Ashu’s first company, and it will most likely be a smashing success. It already kind of is. I invited Ashu to the studio back in the middle of 2012, and since then, his company has continued to take off. I’d recommend watching this video to see a founder who is deeply technical — and one who is not seeking attention, as I had to convince him to come on — to see another side of Silicon Valley which attracts, retains, motivates, and supports the best talent from all over the world. Ashu is in that class.