Announcement: The Camera Keeps Rolling

You may have noticed “In The Studio” ended last week. After 70 continuously weekly episodes starting in January 2012, it was time for me to put the show to bed and move on. In that time, however, I had to email a lot of future-slated guests and tell them about the news. And, in those discussions, it became clear that people wanted me to continue doing these interviews and conversations. I’ve already got a few great guests booked. When one door closes, another one opens, and that’s exactly what happened today. I’m going to walk through the new door. And, I’m trying to learn from past experiences and make this next installment even better. As this is a work in progress, I’d appreciate any ideas and suggestions you have — both for format and guests. Right now, I’m thinking the show would be about 1-2x per month, it will be distributed on my blog only, the episodes would be about an hour long in format (but cut up into digestible video clips based on a specific topic), will be shot on-location (as opposed to a black studio) and will continue to feature founders and investors in Silicon Valley who are not attention-seeking. I’m excited to rebrand the series, change the format, and continue open-sourcing these conversations with you. If you have any suggestions on format or potential guests, please contact me. Thanks! (The picture above is of Zimride co-founder John Zimmer, before they launched Lyft!)