Good TV: “Climbing The Wrong Hill”

Pando Monthly talks are always really good. I was bummed to miss the last one in SF with John Doerr, and heard it was really good. Well, they’re a little long (usually two hours), but they’re the best in the business. So, I was excited to see Chris Dixon was going to be featured. As someone who (tries to) write about technology, startups, and entrepreneurship, watching someone like Chris move through his career is fascinating and an inspiration. In this video, Chris details how he started on Wall Street, started two companies that were acquired (he views them as partial failures), how he got into blogging and why he thinks more investors should do the same, and talks about his new role on Sand Hill Road. Chris’ first two bets (which have been publicly announced) are in 3-D printing and in the OS for drones. He talks about Bitcoin here, and I’d have to think he’s made some bets there, as well. Mostly, for me, this video is a great learning experience. It reminds me of my favorite post by Chris — “Climbing The Wrong Hill.” Read it. It’s been a big influence on me. And, it’s clear he’s taken his own advice, climbing different hills to get to where he is today.