Announcing A New Video Series: “Sunday Conversation”

I’ve got some fun personal news to share. Starting on Sunday, July 14, I will launch a new video series right here on my blog, Haywire, and it will feature a selective group of guests presented in a longer format video conversation. I’ll tape these discussions once per month (two per day on taping day), and publish them twice a month on Sunday evening, say around 9pm Pacific Time. The videos will be shot on location and cut into segments and posted right here on my personal blog. For those of you who might have watched “Sunday Conversation” on ESPN’s Sportscenter show before Disney bought the network, I wanted to create a series that sort of evokes that type of media, to find the best in their craft (like Mariano Rivera!) and to get inside their head. This is where knowledge resides, and conversations are a great way to extract and share it.

I’ve already taped the first three episodes, and I’m really excited about the caliber of guests as well as the depth of the insights they share. The guest list will be kept very selective — specifically, I’ve targeted individuals who have at least 7+ years of experience and depth in their line of work. On top of this, I have selected a group of people who, by their own nature, are not too self-promotional or do not market themselves. The value of this video series will be to curate these people, frame questions with depth, and to give them a platform that doesn’t really exist anywhere else in today’s tech media landscape. I will create that platform.

A special thanks to the folks at Scaffold Labs who generously offered to tape and sponsor the entire series, and they’ll not only cut the videos into digestible segments, but we’ll also be offering the audio in MP3 format and through SoundCloud. I’ll probably also write a bit about the guest and why he or she is important to listen to. Finally, people often ask why I’ve done all these videos. The answer is: to learn. I’m playing catch-up when it comes to technology and investing, so this is a fast way to learn, and by open-sourcing these conversations as I’ve done with the 70 episodes of “In The Studio” we shot at TechCrunch, the hope is that others who want to learn will have another platform to do so. Thanks for listening, for reading, and for watching!