Congrats To Karan Mehandru @ Trinity Ventures

Part of my goal for this July was to resurrect some of the video work I did last year, and no better way to kick that off by featuring my friend Karan and congratulating him on becoming a partner at Trinity Ventures. Karan is a good friend and great guy, but in addition to that, has worked in sales and marketing operations for Valley companies for a decade before heading into VC. What’s interesting about this move is that Karan was trained and promoted from within his ranks. The trend in VC (for the most part) is to find senior operators or founders and bring them right into the partnership. This may work for some firms, but it’s refreshing to see someone who has the operational experience get the mentorship and grooming before stepping into the role. But, Karan made it up the old-fashioned way, and having already led a bunch of investments as a non-partner and had the guidance of his partnerships along the way. I had Karan into the studio about a year ago, so take a chance to watch the video to see how he thinks. And again, congrats to Karan, it will be awesome to watch the moves he makes!