For YC Hits, It’s Just The Beginning

Y Combinator’s run of incubating big companies is just beginning. Everyone knows about Airbnb and Dropbox, and they’ve already had great outcomes with so many companies like OMGPOP, Heroku, and many more. Now, looking ahead, I think it’s clear they’re just at the beginning of a massive run of companies that get into stratospheric valuations and could remain standalone, independent companies. Optimizely just raised a big Series B, which was insanely competitive. I’ve heard from folks at Virool is doing very well, though I still don’t get what it does. WePay is just quietly grinding out a pretty big business, and I believe one of my favorite products — Hipmunk — is going to generate a huge return. There are younger ones, like FlightCar, that could also be big, but too early to tell. So, what company was PG referencing in his tweet above, a company that was showing exemplary revenue growth? If I had to guess, it would be Stripe. Everyone knows Stripe processes a high volume of transactions, but for a payments company, the base has to be really high. Well, it could be really that high. I wouldn’t be surprised if Stripe is the company that PG curiously referenced in his tweet and graph, as it’s one of the great companies out there and is led by one of the most impressive young CEO’s I’ve met. I had Patrick on the show late last year, watch and few minutes and see how clearly he thinks.