Bubba.VC, Much Needed Insight Into Mobile Operations

Earlier in the year, I wrote a short post here titled “A Knowledge Gap In Mobile Facing Many Investors.” My basic argument is that mobile is changing so fast and is so disruptive (as we all know) and that not many investors have legitimate experience in mobile to catch on to what’s going on. Of course, of course — the smart ones learn fast and/or bring the right people around them, but very few are like John Lilly (Greylock) who worked on sensors at Apple or Mike Abbott (Kleiner) who helped run WebOS at Palm, for instance.

This is why I’m so excited for DFJ’s new partner Bubba Murarka. Today he announced his new blog — bubba.vc — and already took a deep dive into mobile. At Facebook, he helped launch “Home” and dealt with all sorts of issues related to Android. This is great news because most folks with Bubba’s type of experience are working in the industry, not as an investor. This will also confer him a great advantage and I’m glad to have more of this kind of blogging on the investor side as opposed to most of what’s going on out there. (Bubba, add RSS and subscribe by email! 🙂 )