Preview: Sunday Conversation With Peter Fenton (July 14)

I’m excited to kick-off my new video series “Sunday Conversation” this coming Sunday evening, July 14, with Peter Fenton from Benchmark Capital. For those interested in venture capital, learning from someone like Fenton is a rare treat. This will be a long-form interview, almost 45 minutes in length, but we cut it up into seven (7) shorter video segments and also turned each segment into an audio file — therefore, you can watch or listen to only the clips that interest you. In preparation for these conversations, we discuss predefined topics based on questions that I frame for the guest. In this particular conversation, Fenton discusses his investments theses in the world of open source software, how he has learned to be an effective board member, how his firm is structured and now operating out of San Francisco, how he cracked into the venture capital business, and more. As will be the signature of this series, I’m looking to feature guests who have deep experience in their craft and who are also not very public with their thoughts — for the record, I talked to Peter about doing this show for over six months and he was kind to honor my request. I hope you like it. I’ll post all the videos right here on Haywire this Sunday night.