More Non-Tech Writing On Medium

Lately, I’ve been feeling the urge to write about more personal matters or interests outside of work and technology, topics ranging from music and arts, to politics and foreign affairs, and from culture to parenting. As my blog has matured and I spend more time on it, it’s now mostly about work — which is fine. Occasionally, I’ll put these kind of tweets out on Twitter, but as most people out there expect startups and venture-related stuff, it can feel disjointed. More importantly, the tweets on more sensitive matters could be misinterpreted and would probably benefit from a bit more text and context. I had kept this feeling in the back of my mind, and lately, as I’ve been using @Medium, the software is so clean and fun to use, it’s actually motivated me to write more. I won’t push these Medium posts to Twitter, but if you ever want to visit those collections as they evolve, you can simply visit: