Preview: Sunday Conversation With David Hornik (July 28)

For Sunday Conversation #2, Haywire will host David Hornik from August Capital on Sunday evening, July 28. For those of you who know David and/or have seen him own a panel conversation, he is not afraid to speak candidly about the Valley, about being a VC, and even about entrepreneurs. Perhaps that’s because he’s not originally from this world, having spent time deeply studying music and booking time at a little place you might have heard of: Harvard Law School. Because of this, and his sense of humor, David shares a unique perspective others on Sand Hill simply cannot. In our discussion, we talk about how Sand Hill road has changed over the last five years, how and why investors are marketing themselves more and more, investment trends he is interested in, the type of working relationship he seeks in a potential investment, and his views on Demo Days. I just watched some of the segment this morning and was laughing out loud at his subtle descriptions, but there’s also a seriousness behind the laughter that reveals many truths others simply aren’t willing to articulate. Hope you enjoy.