Preview: Sunday Conversation With Dev Khare (August 11)

For Sunday Conversation #3, Haywire will host Dev Khare of Lightspeed Venture Partners in India on Sunday evening, August 11. Dev has taken an interesting path in venture capital. Originally from India, Dev immigrated to the U.S. went to college and graduate school, and made his way through venture capital. However, like many folks of Indian origin who didn’t grow up in the States, Dev elected to go back to India and continue his career as an investor. I know that many people who aren’t originally from the U.S. who are in the Valley think or dream about doing what they do here and doing it in their homeland. Dev was able to pull that off, in this series of short conversations, he shares all the professional and personal nuances that come up in such a transition, as well as high-level macro and on-the-ground micro insights into what’s driving the Indian economy today in terms of challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs. One of my favorite quotes is from “Apocalypse Now,” where Martin Sheehan states, “You can’t step in the same river twice.” For many technology immigrants in the U.S. thinking of going back one day (and investors who are keen to deploy funds in the Indian market), Dev’s videos are a must-watch.