Preview: Sunday Conversation With Adam Nash (August 25)

For Sunday Conversation #4, Haywire will host Adam Nash of Wealthfront on Sunday evening, August 25. Adam’s experience in the Valley goes all the way back to his days as an undergrad at Stanford. Since then, he’s worked at NeXT and Apple, and then some of the leading Internet companies, most notably eBay and LinkedIn. Before joining Wealthfront recently, he spent a year with Greylock Partners. For this video discussion, we coordinated for a Friday taping to coincide with the company’s Taco Truck Friday, and covered a range of topics such as: Career advice for aspiring product managers; the future of eBay in a world of Amazon and Google; when does it makes sense for a startup to bring on a COO, and what does he do as COO; how Wall Street views his former employer, LinkedIn; how executives should consider and evaluate EIR roles at venture capital firms (he’s also writing a longer series on EIR programs); and, finally, a few minutes detailing what Wealthfront is and how people can consider it for their investment needs. I wanted to run a segment about Nash’s elaborate views on startup T-shirt design, making green beer during St. Patrick’s day, and his coin collection, but that will have to wait for a B-side release. Jokes aside, what makes Adam special is that you’ll here his named mentioned from nearly everyone person whom he’s worked with and/or recruited, and they all want to work with him again. It’s the kind of stat you can’t put on a resume, but hopefully it can be exposed here through video.