Investing More Time And Energy Into Writing On Mobile Computing

Yesterday, I wrote about how I’d be focusing the bulk of my work going forward on “Mobile Computing.” You can read more about that here. When I mean my “work,” I specifically mean the majority of this blog, my weekly column on TechCrunch (Sundays @ 10am PST), my operational and consulting work with mobile technology startups, and my early-stage investing activities will all be focused on the mobile stack, from the server, to components, to middleware, and all sorts of applications I’m interested in.

In the 24 hours since I wrote yesterday’s post, a mobile-first consumer app quickly raised a Series B round with one of the best investors at the best firms leading the deal. Last night, I realized not only is Whisper based in Los Angeles, but so is Tinder, and so is SnapChat — the three hottest apps are mobile. I know it’s obvious, but the importance of this was reinforced to me when I finally had time to catch up on all the details and insider blogs on Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s handset business. The key point I’m left with is that Microsoft *had no choice* but to do this. Imagine this….one of the most iconic, profitable, powerful technology companies in the world with over $250B+ in market cap had no choice but to spend the money and acquire the hardware manufacturer to pair with its software. Wow.

Tonight, I want to share thoughts about my writing/blogging as it relates to Mobile Computing. Tomorrow, I’ll talk more about the investing piece of all of this.

First, I want to underscore again — nothing of what I’m writing about is new or groundbreaking. Rather, I hope to convey my argument in a manner you may have not yet considered. Second, I’ve collected below some of my most recent and relevant posts on Mobile Computing, both from the investment side as well as the operator’s side. I have made a commitment to build out this knowledge base here and you can expect a significant increase in the mobile stack frameworks and content here beginning the fall. So, my Sunday columns and most of the content (and discussions) here will be on Mobile Computing. Third, I’d like to hear from you about what you’d like to learn about the mobile stack, and what interests you most. I’m taking a long-view on all of this, so please reach out if this speaks to you, your work, or your interests.

And, finally….the main point of tonight’s post and my writing this week is to step back and watch, in awe, at how Mobile Computing continues to disrupt or influence the strongest technology companies on the planet. Six years ago, the iPhone. Two years ago, Google acquires Motorola. Consumers buy not just one but many “mobile” devices. Apps leapfrog websites for consumer attention and experience. Larger tech companies who didn’t natively build for mobile had to play catch-up. A little company called Twitter, and another called Square, were built with mobile in mind from day one. I cannot think of a more dynamic space, a more fundamental shift in technology and user behavior, one that I believe will persist throughout the rest of my career. For instance, I wonder: Who will buy Blackberry, and when? Will Facebook forge alliances with carriers to subsidize data costs for telcos? Will Google Loon and other Wifi technologies and deployments threaten the carriers? Will the next generation of battery improvements mean we can finally have “always-on” mobile computing without the steep cost in user experience?

I could go on and on about Mobile Computing….so, I will. And tomorrow, I’ll talk about how this all comes together with my investing. (Below are some selected posts I’ve written about mobile…)


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