Preview: Sunday Conversation With a16z’s Chris Dixon (November 10)

For Sunday Conversation #6, Haywire will host Chris Dixon of Andreessen Horowitz on Sunday evening, November 10. Most readers here will already know of Dixon, have read his blog often, and seen him speak at events. For this conversation, I wanted to make sure we touched on very specific topics, such as the shift from angel investing to venture capital (including what his style of engagement is), thoughts on AngelList as a platform for individuals and venture firms, how he builds themes around markets (specifically drones, as an example), a discussion of what motivated him to write one specific blog post, why he spends less time conversing on Twitter than years ago, and career advice he’d give himself if he was starting to invest today. The conversation we had is broken into eight short segments, and I’ll post the videos this Sunday evening, and the audio will be available on Swell through SoundCloud, as always.