Talking Mobile, Investing, Bitcoins, And Podcasts With Michael Wolf

Earlier in February, pro podcaster Michael Wolf had me on his show, NextMarket. He just posted it yesterday, and it’s fun to listen back on our conversation — though it turns out that I say the word “right” a lot ;-( …I need some feedback from you all so that I can improve. Specifically in the discussion, we talk about the following topics: A breakdown of mobile app categories; Apps which run in the background (Refresh, Highlight), or which tie to offline services (Instacart, DoorDash); Stories around Bitcoins (Coinbase) and my investments in Bitcoin (Gyft, Vauram Labs, Gliph); Thoughts on podcasting and our product plans at Swell; New trends in hardware investing including crowdfunding and institutional capital (Coin, Tindie, Grand Street); Trends in investing, including AngelList, microfunds, seed funds, etc. Take a listen in the car on Swell (click here) or below via Soundcloud.