Swell For Android, Now In Beta

I’m excited to announce we have opened the beta for Swell for Android! Sign up here to get on the list: Swell for Android (beta).

Like many mobile-first technology companies, we built Swell first for Apple’s iOS platform. As an audio player app for news, information, podcasts, and more, we had an intuitive sense that, prior to our initial launch, consumers would primarily use Swell while on the go — while commuting to work, driving in the car, exercising at the gym, going on a long run, and so forth. As we put version 1.0 of Swell (for iOS) into the market, we confirmed our intuition about how consumers would engage with Swell.

This feedback gave us confidence to quickly build Swell for Android in parallel. This is a big milestone for the team, as we launched iOS only nine months ago and built Android in parallel with our v2 for iOS with the same small team. It’s worth noting a few things. One, we are in Beta, so we’d ask kindly to have your feedback as you use the app, and also keep in mind we are still polishing a few edges of the app. Two, I’d kindly ask in advance for your patience — my colleague Justin (who is running the Beta process) is running the Beta and will get you up and running as soon as we can. Three, we will be out in the Google Play store in due time, so everyone on Android will have access.

I know I have many friends personally (I’m looking at you, Kevin Meyers!) who have waited patiently for Swell to be on Android, and I’m happy to begin to help spread the new app slowly. The Swell team is doing an incredible job of building this in parallel with iOS v2.0 (which is also coming soon). Lots of building going on here, especially for a small team — exciting times!