Revamping Haywire, Wacky Ideas, And Seeking Your Feedback

This will be a shorter, more informal post over the holiday weekend. I’ve been slammed with work and travel and finally used a three-day weekend to dig myself out of a backlog of work and home items. As I may have written about earlier here, every summer I try to revamp this site with some new features or pages. We are about to get underway for the 2014 revamping — the biggest additions will be around the investment activity (in Haystack) and a way for people who visit the site regularly to engage in Q&A. I will also finally be investing in better email newsletters (and moving off of WordPress’s emails). If you have any additional requests or ideas, now is the time to send me a note.

One idea a friend gave to me has been rattling around my brain. I’ll admit, at the beginning of the beer (we talked over beers), I didn’t like the idea, but by the end of beer #2, I did. My friend, who also used to be a columnist for TechCrunch, suggested that I go back into my archive and, at random, pull old posts and record a short 3-5 minute audio podcast of the “backstory” behind the post. Then, I would take the embed code from SoundCloud and add it to the post, so the result would be like an original script with a bit of extra background from the writer. Most people aren’t going to care, which is fine, but as I’ve had folks here reading this blog now for over three years, I thought I’d ask and see if even a few of you would find this interesting. A lot has changed over three years, and it’s so easy to record and upload quality sound now, it struck me as a great idea. But, that’s just me. Please let me know what *you* think.