New VC Interviews @ StrictlyVC

[Update: Links to all my StrictlyVC Q&A’s and two columns are now below. Enjoy!]

When TechCrunch ended my weekly column after over three years of writing there, I got many nice messages from folks and friends who are reporters, bloggers, and in the media at large. That turn of events triggered some potential opportunities, but I found thereafter that I wanted to take a break from writing something for a large audience on a weekly basis while working at a startup and working on a variety of investment-related activities. One friend who did email me, Connie from StrictlyVC, smartly notified me that she’d be trying to take an unplugged family trip in August and, if I was up for it, I could help write her daily newsletter for those two weeks — a daily newsletter which is read by many founders and all investors in the startup technology ecosystem. (Almost a year ago, Connie was kind enough to profile me for her newsletter. You can click here to read that short interview, and I’d recommend subscribing to her newsletter, too.)

Well, I took her up on her offer, so for the first two full weeks of August, I will be the guest columnist for StrictlyVC! And, we cooked up a great lineup. For those 10 business days, I will write two columns each of the Fridays about what I’m seeing in the VC landscape, and for the other eight days, I’ve completed detailed Q&As with some of my friends who are in industry. Specifically, you can look forward to learning more about:

I hope you all sign up, tune in, and interact. I’ve read most of the interviews now, Connie will edit them, and I can guarantee they’ll be worth your time.