Haywire Service Improvements, 2014 Edition

Every summer, I spend some time and resources to revamp my blog. Since my first post on Uber almost 25 months ago (it’s worth re-reading that one), I have posted a lot here, both analysis, videos, and stories behind the small investments I make. This summer, I’ve added a few things to Haywire, with the hopes that people who visit here and read the posts (and comments) will enjoy a little more. You’ll see it’s not fancy or slick. In fact, some of the new functionality makes the site feel a bit slower, but hopefully that’s Ok. Here’s what’s new or (hopefully) improved:

  • MailChimp as my email service provider. I had kind of neglected email as a channel for a long time, and that was my fault. Hopefully the emails for those who elect to subscribe will look nicer, and now I get better analytics. I’m excited to learn more about MailChimp. If any of you have thoughts or want to share some wisdom, my ears are open.
  • New “tiles” for Haystack investments. Check these out. They work on mobile, too. We had tried to make them cards (of course) that flip over for more information, but that was too much work, so you get these unidimensional cards instead. You’re welcome. (I am also woefully behind on writing up the stories behind my investments, but I’ve got a bunch of drafts saved up and am committed to working through them. Stay tuned.
  • A redo for the right rail. We included a “Popular Posts” on the right rail based on traffic, improved the search, and tightening some other stuff.
  • A place to post, discuss, and chat. I get a lot of cold emails. I want to answer them, and I’ve been trying to find a better way. So, I’m going to try this — by following this link, you’ll see a “Discussions” page on Haywire, where anyone can post a question (or link). I will be notified email, I’ll review, and I can publish it — and offer a public answer that lives on the blog. Or other people can answer. Who knows. Let’s see how it works. And, I’d truly appreciate any feedback you have on this.