Instacart On Bloomberg West TV

I made my live TV debut yesterday on Bloomberg TV. I’m hoping I’ll do more video moving forward. As someone who has done lots of video (but not live), I’m looking forward to it. I’d love any feedback you have. Clearly, I need a wardrobe refresh and dammit – I wish I was in better shape and had some fashion sense! Ugh!

The interview with Cory yesterday was about Instacart. You’ve probably heard a bit about them already, and you should prepare to hear much more about them soon. Americans spend almost $700 billion annually on groceries. The pull of the market is very strong. There’s a lot of growth to come, and watching the team launch new cities is fun. As a former cook, I still love going to the grocery store and picking up ingredients, but there are just times I can’t go — and Instacart works every time I need it to. Easy and simple. And, very soon, quite big, too.