Contest: On-Demand Startups, But For Enterprise/SMB

In conjunction with The On-Demand Conference we are hosting on May 19 in San Francisco (tickets here), we are also pleased to announce a contest associated with the conference. Specifically, we are asking for submissions for “on-demand” startups that meet two clear conditions: (1) the end customer must be a business or entity, not individual consumers; and (2) the company shouldn’t have raised “institutional capital,” meaning it’s OK to have angel/seed money but not mega dollars from a VC firm. The winner of this “Call For Startups” will be presented with the opportunity to present their company on-stage during the event, and the top (5) submissions overall will be given free tickets to attend the event.

I’m a strong believer that concepts which work for consumer behavior (sharing, on-demand, collaboration, etc.) will create opportunities for entrepreneurs to bring those concepts to models where the end customer is not a person, but rather a business or entity. This has fortunately led me to investments in companies like Getable and Boomtown, among others, and I hope many more. Read more about the contest, and please apply if you’re eligible. Click here for more details.