Guest Curating StrictlyVC This Summer

It’s that time of year again….

For a few weeks, I’ll be guest writing and quarterbacking the content section of StrictlyVC. Last summer, we had a number of great guests, VCs, founders, and even LPs in the Q&A.

This summer will be no different. Starting in a few weeks, we’ll be lining up Q&A’s with the following special guests, in no particular order:

  • Jed Katz, a co-founder of Javelin — where I got my first taste of working inside a VC firm;
  • Jon Soberg, a co-founder of Expansive Ventures;
  • Ryan Hoover, the CEO of Product Hunt — Ryan is an old friend and I remember helping him think through his post-Posthaven plans;
  • Nicholas Chirls, a co-founder of Notation Capital in NYC, a very micro-VC firm;
  • Satya Patel, a co-founder of Homebrew;
  • Leo Polovets, a co-founder of Susa Ventures;
  • Kristen Goldstein, a co-founder of Scalus and Backops, as well as an active angel investor;
  • Jenny Lee, a MD with GGV Capital — the first woman to crack the Top 10 on Forbes’ Midas List; and
  • Startup L Jackson, Twitter personality extraordinaire.

Like last summer, too, I will write my own short column for three (3) Fridays and share some views as to what I think is going on in the seed and VC worlds. I’m excited to have another chance to guest curate and write, so thanks to Connie and her loyal readers for the opportunity!