Live Event: “So, You Want To Raise Your Series A?”

This summer, like the ones before it, I try to work with early-stage teams who are gearing up for their Series A. With so many seeded companies these days, most everyone is trying to get to their A, and most won’t make it. That is what the data shows. In trying to help some teams prepare for Plan A or Plan B, I’ve recently written “So, You Want To Raise Your Series A?” and “Being Creative When The Series A Doesn’t Arrive.”

It was all started with the tweet above. The tweet led to the post, and after James from Bloomberg BETA texted me and said “No, no, we should do it.” So, with friends at BETA, they are generously hosting an event focused exclusively on this topic for entrepreneurs: “So, You Want To Raise Your Series A?” You can get on the waitlist here. The room isn’t huge so we can’t accommodate everyone live, but we will be capturing the video and audio from the event so that everyone can consume it at their leisure. (An extra “thanks” to BETA for organizing that.)

Event is Aug 13 from 10am to noon in SF. Click here for more details. We can’t guarantee a slot for everyone given the room size, but you can always watch it or listen to it later. And, we have a killer lineup of speakers — Hunter Walk of Homebrew, Rebecca Lynn of Canvas, Brian O’Malley from Accel, Josh Elman of Greylock, Maha Ibrahim from Canaan, and Roy Bahat from Bloomberg BETA. The goal of the event is singular — to engage in a long public discussion about what seed-stage companies should be doing to prepare to give themselves the best chance to score that elusive Series A term sheet.