Entrepreneurship And The Immigrant’s Experience

I got into an enlightening Twitter discussion yesterday with a few friends, and the conversation centered around the intersection of the immigrant experience and the entrepreneurial experience. It’s common topic that’s been studied, and people who live in and around the Valley recognize how critical... Read More

Uber’s Long Drive Into Google’s Self-Driving Moonshot

Google just reorganized its entire corporate structure, putting the business “Google” we all know into a bigger company, Alphabet, which will be the holding company of a number of other Google business lines and projects. Some observers have remarked that this will instill more discipline... Read More

Weekly Curated Email Newsletter About Uber

As many of you know, I blog about Uber a lot. It’s a fascinating company. I have no financial interest in or connection to the company or any investors. I just think the company is fascinating to follow, so much so that I thought I’d... Read More

Corrective Medicine, Just What The Doctor Ordered

As it relates to startups (and investing in them), the past week’s stock market correction (which still may be going) is just what the doctor ordered. Who knows why it happened exactly — sending a message to the Fed, international market fears, people realizing P/Es... Read More

Mobile Messaging Platforms As Internet Gatekeepers

By now, we all recognize that the dominant and growing mobile messaging clients are more than just chat apps — they instead have transformed into a mobile browser of sorts, the gateway that helps billions now access the Internet. Whether with FB Messenger or iMessage... Read More

We’re Finally Learning More About Uber’s Platform Strategy

In the SF/Valley bubble we live in, we are finally learning more about Uber. For years, we have debated: Will the on-demand industry consolidate? As part of that eventual consolidation, what will Uber’s role be? And, if and when they expand the platform from rides... Read More

The Chilly Freeze For On-Demand Startups

We will talk about this topic among others at The On Demand Conference in NYC on September 15, Register Here. We are also running our second contest for the best B2B on-demand startup, more details here! My, how things can change. When we did the inaugural On-Demand... Read More

Reimagining The Restaurant With Robotics

I grew up working in restaurants. I have been a dishwasher, host, bartender, waiter, line cook, and regular cook. I’ve delivered food to people, and then cleaned those tables. But, that was a long time ago. Then, last week, I went to YC Demo Day,... Read More

Seed Founders, Beware The Syndicate Shenanigans

As any reader of this blog would know, I am a huge AngelList fan. I have run a few Syndicates now over the past two years. Most of them have cleared, but a few haven’t. I could’ve run a lot more, but I intentionally elected... Read More

The Confluence Of Trends Making esports Go Mainstream

If one more VC discovers eSports this week & starts tweeting about it, I am going to come up with an ultimatum. And it will not be pleasant. — Startup L. Jackson (@StartupLJackson) August 15, 2015 Like many others nowadays, I’m fascinated by the phenomena... Read More

The UberEATS Test Arrives In San Francisco

We will talk about this topic among others at The On Demand Conference in NYC on September 15, Register Here. Uber has been testing its food delivery service, UberEATS, in a few markets. Now, they’re gearing up to launch it in San Francisco, the current... Read More

Moving Stress And Mobile App Medicine

After a little over 5 years living in the same little apartment, we finally moved. If you’ve been following on Twitter, I’m sure you’ve seen — it’s a painful process and when you have a lovely spouse (who is also a packrat) and a toddler... Read More

Quick Takeaways From NYT Story On Amazon Culture

On the morning of August 15, The New York Times published a long, investigative report on the culture at Amazon, one of the country’s (and world’s) largest technology companies. It’s late into Sunday morning the following day, and I’ve just finished the article. It took... Read More

Wrapping Up Another Summer Of StrictlyVC Posts

Well, I wrapped up another summer tour with StrictlyVC, and it was a blast. To quickly recap, there are range of Q&As over the three week, capped off by three columns on my experiences administering and raising small funds. For interested in venture in China,... Read More

Put Your Head Down For Five Years, And Then Look Up

Back on August 15, 2011, I emailed my friend Joel with an idea, part out of excitement, part out of frustration. I think about it every August. Last year, I wrote about it here. For me, mid-August is like the beginning of the year, because... Read More

The On-Demand Conference Expands To New York City

Friends in and around New York City — please mark your calendars for September 15 in downtown in NYC: The On-Demand Conference hits the Big Apple: www.ondemandconference.co. My co-conspirators in this effort — Pascal from Checkr and the entire crew from Tradecraft (including Misha) — digested... Read More

The Ingredients For Greatness, By Jerome Bettis

I’m a sucker for speeches. I like to hear people in their own words. Some of the best are Hall of Fame induction speeches. For instance, I remember Michael Jordan’s speech in Springfield, MA (he still had a huge, competitive chip on his shoulder). And,... Read More

The “Bang Bang” Round, Inspired By Louis C.K.

scary increase in # of very early cos fundraising $1m-$3m seed & $6m-$8m A rounds simultaneously. A VCs taking seed risk w/ A $ & A+ prices — Satya Patel (@satyap) July 31, 2015 With just under three years of seed-stage investing experience under my... Read More