Wrapping Up Another Summer Of StrictlyVC Posts

Well, I wrapped up another summer tour with StrictlyVC, and it was a blast. To quickly recap, there are range of Q&As over the three week, capped off by three columns on my experiences administering and raising small funds.

For interested in venture in China, make sure to read more about DCM’s Jeff Lee and GGV’s Jenny Lee (no relation); for those who want to hear from former Twitter execs who are now VCs, tune into what Homebrew’s Satya Patel and Foundation Capital’s Anamitra Banerjee have to say; the early-stage investors weigh in on today’s environment, including NYC’s Notation Capital (one of the smallest and earliest microVCs); Javelin’s Jed Katz, who isn’t shy about warning of the excesses in seed funding; Susa’s Leo Polovets who talks about why brand is so critical; Kristen Koh Goldstein chimes in about her role in the ecosystem as an investor and founder; and startup personalities Ryan Hoover (of Product Hunt) and Startup L. Jackson (of Twitter fame) take the opportunity to share their views on today’s startup ecosystem.

On Friday’s, I wrote a few posts about recent happenings in the world of venture, first touching on the benefits and costs of LPs who want to invest directly into startups; second, I examine tension between the inefficient costs of a small venture fund versus the importance of being able to invest early into new companies; and finally, I explored the decisions small funds face as they grow, or try to grow, as I am doing now.

It will great to have Connie back as everyone gears up for the fall rush. Thanks again for the opportunity!