The Post-Seed Conference, The Sequel

A year ago, the folks at Vator, Venture51, and Bullpen kicked off the inaugural “Post-Seed Conference” in San Francisco. The event was a hit. You can read about the 2014 version here.

Over the last year, we’ve seen a few big, public market corrections; we’ve seen increased tech reporting and online chatter about companies being given lofty valuations ahead of performance; and we’ve seen even more early-stage investors entering the market to invest directly in private startup as traditional venture firms write larger checks. More recently, we’ve all witnessed a significant slow-down in investing across the board. We’ve designed this event to surface and address all the issues that founders and early-stage VCs go through as a result of this new, crowded seed landscape.

This all makes for great timing for this year’s Post-Seed Conference on December 1st in San Francisco. Check out the great agenda here. In addition to in-depth fireside chats with Sequoia’s Alfred Lin, Vinod Khosla, John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins, and a16z’s Scott Kupor — we’ve put together a packed agenda with great angels, seed investors, and traditional VCs to talk straight about market conditions today. We also have two distinct panels composed of founders/CEOs who’ve personally traversed the path from angel and seed funding to the Post-Seed world.

If you’re interested in attending the event, please get in touch with me directly. This is mainly an invitation-only event, where we are covering the costs for folks in our networks who genuinely would like to attend, participate, share knowledge, and to learn. I have already given out lots of tickets, and I have a few more for friends and readers. While we are asking professional investors to pay a modest price to help defray some production costs, we are not charging seed-stage founders so long as their companies have received seed funding. Please send me a note if you’d like to come and can make it on Tuesday.