Post-Seed Fireside Chats 2015

At the end of year, the investors from Bullpen Capital, Venture51, Vator, and yours truly get together to host the “Post-Seed Conference.” This year, its second year, proved to be a terrific event, and the main themes were so central to what’s happening in tech/investing in the Valley, it earned coverage from The Wall Street Journal.

As signature anchors for each event, we are fortunate to bring in some of the leaders in the venture capital world for a longer discussion about the state of the markets, their own investing lessons, and what they’re looking toward in the future. This year was no different than last year. Each of the longer interviews below contain content that’s either very specific about areas these VCs are investing in, and also quite forthcoming in the challenges each investor and their firms face in such a competitive marketplace.

Doerr, for instance, spent time talking about the large changes which happened at KP over the last two years; Scott Kupor was incredibly candid about specific growing pains a16z is facing or will face as it slowly approaches it’s 10th birthday in a few years; Vinod Khosla shared his detailed views on why autonomous navigation will affect worldwide public transportation; and, my personal favorite interview, Alfred Lin goes into many nuances of how Sequoia evaluates venture opportunities, and one of the biggest deals they’ve missed.

John Doerr, Kleiner Perkins

(hosted by Bullpen’s Paul Martino)
Coverage: Inc. Magazine

Alfred Lin, Sequoia Capital

(hosted by Vator’s Bambi Francisco)
Coverage: TechCrunch

Scott Kupor, Andreessen Horowitz

(hosted by yours truly)
Coverage: The Wall Street Journal

Vinod Kholsa, Khosla Ventures

(hosted by Vator’s Bambi Francisco)
Coverage: Inc. Magazine