New Podcast: “Twitter: While You Were Away”

For years, I’ve been wanting to do a simple podcast. However, while I always used to organize them, I didn’t want to do that this time around. I planted a few seeds with friends but nothing clicked. Then, my friend Joel Andren tweeted he wanted to start one, so I DM’d him, we got on the phone, and I loved Joel’s idea: A weekly podcast to dissect the rich conversations which take place in “tech Twitter.”

The podcast is called “While You Were Away.” Think of it as a “Rap Genius” to what people are blabbering about on Twitter. In our first try at this, I found Joel to be a great, natural host and I was right about the fact that I wanted to play second fiddle. This is really just for fun and we hope a small few of you will fire this up in your car or Uber or while you’re doing something else. Feedback welcomed!

The first episode is below. And, there are four (4) threads on Twitter that we unpack, unravel, and dissect

1/ Startup Acquisitions by Microsoft and Yahoo, includes tweets by Jason Lemkin, Hunter Walk (open thread)

2/ VC Funding Slowing Down?, includes tweets from Mike Dudas, Keith Rabois, Hunter Walk (open thread)

3/ No Mobile App Breakouts?, includes tweets from Peter Pham, Michelle Tandler, Ryan Lawler, Josh Elman (open thread)

4/ Being Banned By Tesla, includes tweets from Paul Graham, Stewart Alsop, Elon Musk (open thread)