Twitter: While You Were Away, Episode 3

Third installment of our new podcast, “While You Were Away,” a sort of Rap Genius for tech Twitter conversations. Joel Andren (who hosts this podcast) does a terrific job stalking Twitter to see conversations unfold and learning from them.

1/ Startup in SF – Worth It?, relating early adopters in the Bay Area and challenges in finding and retaining gig labor. Conversation includes Adora Chung, Keith Rabois, Adam Besvinick. (Twitter thread)

2/ Complaining About Twitter, relating to how startups should prepare for the 2016 fundraising environment. Kicked off by Danielle Morrill, joined by many others. (Twitter thread)

3/ How To Become A Pro VC, where we break down the great conversation started by Kanyi Maquela, including tweets from Keith Rabois, Josh Elman, and many others. (Twitter thread)