June 6, 2017: AMAx3

On June 6th, I may break an Internet record — or, at least, try to. Next Tuesday, I will participate in three (3) separate, live “AMAs,” also known as “Ask Me Anything.” I have done of few of these already, and as someone who loves good questions and likes to quickly type out answers (or opinions), I’m excited for this back-to-back-back session that’s coming up. As with any AMA, I don’t really have any agenda other than to be in the moment, share a raw point of view, and ride the wave of random questions. Here’s the schedule if you care to follow along or submit any questions in advance:

Tuesday, June 6th: AMA Schedule

10:00 am pst | Product Hunt: [Full Transcript]

11:00 am-ish pst | Twitter: [Full Thread]

12:00 pm pst | Quora: [Full Session]