The “Summer Of Semil” Returns To StrictlyVC

It’s that time of year, when Connie Loizos of StrictlyVC takes off in search of east coast summers and long walks on the beach — leaving StrictlyVC’s readership without its veritable columnist and correspondent for a few weeks. While Connie’s work and voice cannot be substituted for, I am excited to get back at posting (and writing more frequently on my site, as well) this summer.

Earlier this year, I took the opportunity to pose a Q&A of a number of limited partners (LPs) in venture funds about a series of questions (see here for those). This time around, I wanted to pursue a set of Q&As with folks who have founder VC firms as well as founders of startups. Specifically, the founders of startups will talk about how they were able to secure Series A funding and the lessons they’ve learned about fundraising along the way. The founders of VC firms, by (slight) contrast, will walk us through the details of how they raised their first fund and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

My hope with this summer series is to shine a light on lessons directly from practitioners about how they got their funds off the ground and how company founders were able to secure institutional financing. We won’t be posting these every day, and I may lob in a column or two if I’m able to collect my thoughts by then. This year has been one in which I haven’t tweeted or blogged as much. A lot of this is related to travel and work, and I hope that will change very soon. Stay tuned, and Connie — enjoy the beach!