Podcast Holiday Listening 2017

This fall, I wanted to go on a “Podcast Tour” to talk about the new Haystack Fund and also re-engage with one of my favorite mediums, audio. Here’s a quick holiday round-up of all the shows from this fall, with two more set to be released (Origins, by Notation Capital; and Reboot v2, with Jerry Colonna) some time in January. It’s hard to share podcasts socially and people listen in different formats and on different players — I use Overcast for iPhone at 1.5x speed and love it — so here’s a rundown of all the links. If you’re stuck commuting over the holidays and/or need extra help falling asleep for a post-meal nap, listen to one of my interviews at 1.5x speed!

20 Minute VC (released 10/23/17)

The Full Ratchet (released 11/1/17)

The Syndicate (released 10/13/17)

Software Engineering Daily (released 11/9/17)

33Voices (released 12/18)