Discussing All Things VC On The Recode Decode Podcast

A few weeks ago, I sat in “the red chair” of Recode Media’s Decode Podcast recording studio in San Francisco. Most tech podcasts I’ve been on are usually recorded in some back room or startup side room, but not this episode… no, no. Recode’s senior finance reporter, Teddy Schleifer, was kind enough to host me on the famous “Recode Decode” podcast and the episode aired today. You can listen to our discussion above via SoundCloud, or by clicking here (for my favorite mobile app for podcasts).

Ted guided us through a fantastic discussion that touches on many facets of what I’ve observed in the world of venture capital — how to break in, how to land a role, how firms think about hiring, what processes firms use to make an investment decisions, how the public has come to think of venture capital, what the limits of VCs are, why there are so many mega-rounds, how there are growing numbers of VC scale opportunities outside the Bay Area in the U.S., and much more. Take a listen in the car when you have time and let me know what you think, and thanks to Teddy for hosting, and thank you for listening.