Haystack Announcements: New Fund, Same Model

I’m pleased to announce that Haystack is about to begin investing out of a brand new fund – Fund VI, raised in May 2021 – in January 2022. Our new fund is $50M, just like the previous Fund V. Haystack has shown a deep commitment to disciplined fund sizes, time diversification in portfolios, highly-curated co-investor syndicates, and selecting founders, creators, and CEOs we can build relationships with. So far, this formula has worked well.

A new fund simply wouldn’t be possible w/o three groups of people: The founders we are lucky to work with and back; the countless seed & VC partners who continue to vouch for Haystack; and the LPs who had our back during the pandemic. Thank you.

Now, some personnel news.

First, a big “thanks” to Ian Hathaway, who logged ~4yrs with us at Haystack. Ian quietly made tremendous contributions to Haystack, helped the platform become more professionalized, drove internal systems, evangelized documentation, thought deeply about being hospitable, and much more. Thank you, Ian!

Second, please welcome Divya Dhulipala to Haystack, where she joins as a Senior Associate. We met Divya nearly two years ago through a close mutual friend who gave her an outstanding recommendation. Once I saw her work ethic for myself, I tried recruiting her for nearly two years since then, and now she is here. Yes!

Third, Haystack is proud to promote Aashay Sanghvi to Principal. Aashay has demonstrated both a high-powered work ethic combined with an innate sense of judgment around people, opportunities, risks, and planning. Please join me in congratulating Aashay on this well-deserved recognition.

Well, that’s really all we have to say for now. As a franchise, Haystack finally reached a point where we raise funds ahead of schedule, so we will rest up a bit this year-end holiday season, clear our minds, and reset our focus for a new journey ahead. Onward!