Table of Contents

Transforming Uber’s Mobile Experience With APIs AI and ML
Hacking Mobile Deistribution And Deployment via SMS
The Three Push Notification Taxes
Big Phones, Big Real Estate, New image Construction
If Android Is A Feight Train, iOS Is High-Speed Rail
New Mobile Commerce Leverage
Getting Fireballed, And Some Clarifications
iOS First. Android Much, Much Later
Mobile Apps And Call Avoidance
For Yo, All It Takes Is A Little Push
Early-Stage Startups And Suites Of Mobile Apps
Facebook And Snapchat: One Way To Fight A Distrubted Mobile Threat
Attacking Mobile Distribution With Cross-App Promotions
Foursquare Swarm And The Risky Business Of Cross-Pollination Across Mobile Platforms
The Precise Location Of The Downturn In Mobile
Homescreens And Lockscreens: Cover, Aviate, And Facebook Home
Tap Your Phone, Get Stuff (Including Funding)
Mobile Meetup, April 15th In NYC
Looking In The Rearview Mirror For Mobile App Inspiration
How Secret May Uncover A New Secret To Mobile Growth
An iPhone Loyalist’s First Few Weeks With Andoid
Mobile Investment Panel @ InContext2014
Brief Thoughts On Trends In Mobile App Investing
Secret’s Mobile App Design Hides In Plain Sight
Enterprise Mobility: Devices, Secureity, Deisgn And Distribution
Revisiting Mobile Indetity, TouchID, And Beyond
Mobile Is The Great Leveler
A Passive Yet Potentially Aggressive Mobile App Strategy
For Holiday Shopping, Mobile Apps Bring Out My Inner Grinch
The Shifting Ways In Which We’ll Interact With Mobile Apps
On Mobile, The Location arrow May Finally Be Pointed In The Right Direction
Old 2012 Post On Location-Based App
QuizUp’s Mobile Play May Be Anything But A Trivial Pursuit
How Mobile Alters Traditional Network Effects In Marketplaces
App Indexing, Predictive Services, And Unlocking Mobile Distribution
FAA Ruling Unlocks 14.46 Billion Minutes Of Mobile Device Time Per Year
Fancy Hands Enhances Mobile Search In Novel Ways
Notes From Mobile Discussion With Benedict Evans And Ben Bajarin
Rethinking The Seductiveness Of Mobile-First
The Precise Art Of Mobile Push Notifications
The Future Of Mobile Taps And On-Demand Services
Mobile Apps, Card Interfaces, And Our Opposable Thumbls
For Mobile Developers, iOS7 + iPhone5s/c Is Greather Than The Sum Of Its Parts
The Scale Competitiveness, And Indsutrial Strategies In Mobile Computing
Open-Sourcing My investment Theses Re: Mobile Computing
Investing More Time And Energy Into Writing On Mobile Computing
Beyond The App Layer: A Personal Focus On Mobile Computing
FrontBack For iPhone Is A Fun App
Required Reading Regarding Mobile
A Story About Threading The Needle On Mobile
A Quick Dissection Of FrontBack’s Rise
The Cliff Caused By Mobile App Requirements
Cliff Notes For Recent VC Blog On Mobile
Bubba.VC, Much Needed Insight Into Mobile Operations
Two Lessons For App Makers From Dots For iPhone
Iterations: Snoopify, The Greatest Mobile Photobombing App Of All Time
Hosting @ManuKumar In The Studio, Chatting Mobile Cameras And Imaging
A Mobile Knowledge Gap Facing Many Investors
Mobile Information Diet
Mobile App Greatness And Great Distribution
Early-Stage Mobile App Investment Litmus Test
The Mobile Harmonization Of Social Data
Mobile First? Not So Fast
The Fragmented Mobile Information Race
Mobile Messaging Wars
The Bottom Line On iOS vs. Android

Investment Lessons From Howard Lindzon
Investing In Mobile 2016
The Cost Of Lengthy Fundraising Procesesses
The Tension Between Governance And Deal Flow
Post Seed Fireside Chats 2015
The Full Ratchet Interview: The Path Ao Series A
The Post Seed Conference, The Sequel
The Super Pro-Rata Signal
An Evolving Relationship Between MicroVCs and LPs
A New Kind Of Drought In Silicon Valley
Seed Founders, Beware The Syndicate Shenanigans
Wrapping Up Another Summer of StrictlyVC Posts
When Someone Asks Me About Series A, Now I’ll Just Share This Post
The Bang Bang Round, Inspired By Louis C.K.
What’s In a Name? On The Cap Table, It’s Everything or Nothing
Live Event: So, You Want To Raise Your Series A?
Being Creative When The Series A Doesn’t Arrive
We Are In An Access Market
The Bill Chill In Seed
So You Want To Raise A Series A
Dissecting A Great Post On Seed Stage
Basic Oaths For Investors, And For Founders, Too
Recap: StrictlyVC’s Inside Series (May 13)
Video: If Seed Is The New Series A, How Helpful Are Angels?
StrictlyVC Insider Series (May 13 in SF)
Existential Risk In The Seed Stage
The Rigidity Of Investment Slide Decks
Investing Pre-YC
Which Funds Catch American Unicorns Early?
Kicking Off The StrictlyVC Insider Series
Running A Fundraising Process
Nine Challenges Facing The MicroVC Model
The Story Behind My Investment In eShares
Post-Seed Conference Wrap-Up (And Videos)
Unpacking Four Seed Investments Via AngelList Syndicates
Seeking Your Help To Crowdsource
Early-Stage Invesing And Upstream Communications
The Color Of [Easy] Money
Early-Stage Math And Upstream Expectations
The Post Seed Conference (Dec 2 In SF)
Reflecting On Cendana’s LP/GP Summit
From Seed To Market, A Peek Into Fall 2014
Fall 2014 Funraising Field Notes
The Inefficient Frontier
Another angle On The Shifting Pro-Rata Debate
New VC Interviews @ StrictlyVC
Notes From The 2014 Pre-Money Conference
The Turf Signaling Between Investors And Founders
Venture Capital Does Not Scale (Sort Of)
Contingent Investment Commitments And The Quest For Lead Investors
Some Obersations Regarding Big VC, One Year Into Investing
Response To Dave Lerner’s Post On Venture Capital
Why Large VC Should Try To Avoid Seed Deals
Sobering Realities About Crowdfunding Startups
Some Questions I’ve Received About My Fund
The Harsh Realities Surrounding Mobile App Investing
Random Notes From The Early-Stage Investing Field (Fall 2013)
Underwriting Risk, Inspred By Ayrton Senna
Annotating @NrMehta’s Post On Value-Add Tactics For Investors
Timehop to April 2012: Seven Forces Disrupting Venture Capital
The Fred Wilsonification Of Venture Investing
Decoding PG’s Latest Startup Investing Trends Essay
The Series A Crunch Is No Match For Man’s Best Friend
Venture Capital’s Magnum Vintage
Iterations: How Tech Hedge Funds And Investment Banks Make Sense Of Apple’s Share Buybacks
Another Perspective On The Anti-Investor Mantra @ Y Combinator
Putting The Art Back In Venture Capital
Three Reasons Venture Capital May Be Roasting Coffee Beans
Let’s Properly Define The Term Venture Capital
True Angel Investors Are Beomcing Extinct
A Rare Opportunity To Explore Venture Capital
The Poison Pill In Startup Fundraising: Optimizing For Valuation
Targeting VCs For Seed Money Is Generally A Waste Of Time
Unbundling Venture Capital
Iterations: The Seed Stage Dandelion Effect
Fundraising Hack: Determining An Investor’ Taste
Valley Funraising Primer, The 2012 Fall Edition
The Colorado School Of Mines And Venture Capital
The Seed Stage Dandelion Effect
India’s Most Powerful Venture Capitalists
A Rationale For Path’s Series A Investment
Map Of Silicon Valley’s Early Stage Tech Investors
Map Of Boston’s Early Stage Tech Investors
Challenges And Opportunities For Seed Funds (2016 Version)
Navigating The Gap Between Seed And Series A (2016 Version)
Investment Criteria, Focus, And Process For Haystack Fund 3

Career / Entrepreneurship
Jaime Foxx Interview By Tim Ferriss
Spray And Pray (And Pounce)
AngelList And Y Combinator Continue To Shake The Trees
Clarifying Recent Posts And Tweets
Transcript: @Chamath At StrictlyVC’s Insider Series
A Constant Struggle For Recognition
Entrepreneurship And The Immigrants Experience
Put Your Head Down For Five Years And Then Look Up
The Ingredients For Greatness By Jerome Bettis
Netflix Maternity Leave And The Freedom To Choose
Back Into The Podcasting Groove
Reddit, Gawker, And Editorial Power
Common FAQs
Mark Your Calendar: The 2nd Post Seed Conference (Dec 1 in SF)
The Layers of Independence
Option B
Things You May Not Want To Hear
Refreshed For The Summer
Talking VC With Kate Kendall And CloudPeeps At Women 2.0
Women On Stage In Venture Capital
Brief Field Notes From The Seed World
Rolling Closes And A Twist On Exploding Offers
Deal Sharing Dynamics Among Early Stage Investors
Underrepresented Minorities In Startups And Investing
Thouhgts On Women, Minorities, Startups And Investing
Addressing Some Personal Misconceptions
Competitiveness With Class
Quick Lessons From @PMarca’s 2014 On Twitter

You Should Meet Hector Monsegur, Formerly @ Anonymous
The Color Of [Easy] Money
Not All Customers Are Created Equal
A Round By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet
Rare Earth Metal
Events I’ll Be Attending In October
Uber And Entrepreneurial Psychology
Haywire Service Improvements, 2014 Edition
Banh Mi Equity
A Prescient Table Of Contents
F-ing Up Innovation
The 411 On Turning Naysayers Into Believers
Online Condolences
The [Fleeting] Knowledge
Write Your Own Story
The Number One Risk Facing Early-Stage Startups
Revamping Haywire, Wacky Ideas, And Seeking Your Feedback
Nitpickers With Attitude
Touching Up Haywire And Seeking Your Input As A Loyal Reader
We All Play For Yankees
My Weekly TechCrunch Habit Ends
Goodbye TechCrunch, And Thank You
One Tactical Path Into Working On Product
Thank You, NYC, From 35k Feet
[no title]
Top Referrers To Haywire
Well Done Versus Well Said
A Very Non-Technical Education Path
Swell in 2014 And The Mobile Flywheel
Swell For Android, Now In Beta
An Old Conversation With Poornima Vijayashanker
Expectations And Entitlements
An Old Conversation Wtih K9’s Manu Kumar
An Old Conversation Wtih Kissmetrics’ Hiten Shah
An Old Conversation With Shasta’s Rob Coneybeer
The Weight Of Titles (Reflecting On 2013<)/a>
Reinvention And Re-Rolling The Dice
Startup Risk And Fear
Congrats To Friend And Former Colleague Alex Gurevich
Some Intitial Thoughts On USV’s New Community Site
Bullish And Bearish On Building To Massive, Durable Scale
A Career Of Company Building: Text Of My Discussion With David Sze
Congrats To Fred Wilson On Ten Years Of Blogging At
Brief Lessons From Reading Give And Take
Becoming An Advisor To Refresh
1977: It Was A Very Good Year
Making An Addition To My Twitter Bio: Investor
Tim Russert And The Lifetime Value Of Content
Writing For An Audience Of One
What Happens When Fred Wilson Sends His Entire AVC Community To Your Blog
Listen To Fred Wilson’s Blog AVC On Swell Radio
Harry Houdini, Lock Picking, And Entrepreneurship
We Need To Have A Debate About Growth
More Non-Tech Writing On Medium
Congrats To Karan Mehandru @ Trinity Ventures
Jerry Colonna’s Psychological Insights For The Entrepreneurial
Thoughts On The Passing Of James Gandolfini
The Word Strategy In And Around Startups
A Personal Story Of Working At Swell
The Swell Product Insipiration
Structrual or Cyclical?
Iterations: Getting To Series A Is Not Sexy, It’s Really Hard Work
Ideological vs. Situational Cynics
Experiement OVER: Shedding The Weight Of Email In Favor Of Mobile Messaging
When Protagonists Press For Coverage
Good TV: Climbing The Wrong Hill
Announcement: The Camera Keeps Rolling
Off Peak, On Line
Hosting @WestCoastBill In The Studio, Talking Shop On Mobile Apps And Angel Investing
How Founders Can Fight Through The Great Fragmentation Of Talent
Hosting Greylock’s @DavidSze In The Studio
Full-Time Tech Writers Deserve More Respect
Good Advice I’ve Received In The Valley
The Music Passes Through Me
Survivorship Bias And Career Advice
A Short Response To Y Combinator’s VC Boilerplate Post
Needed: Light Research Help
What I’ve Been Up To
Iterations: Inception, Courtesy Of Public Relations
At The End Of The Day, Only Four Things Matter In The Valley
Motiveless Substance
In The House Of Scoble
Surfing Advancements And Mega-Waves
Being A Product Person
Classifying Types Of Tech Blogging
All The Time In The World
One Solid Line Of Focus
Semantically Defininig Technology Acquisitions
Lessons From Cherry
Tips On Tech Writing
Me, In 2013
More Open, Smart, And Honest Criticism
The Politics Of Saying And Receiving A No
The Sword May Be Mightier Than The Pen
Is There Anybody Out There?
Jiro Dreams Of Sushi
Email Marketing Is Oftentimes Better Than PR
Reflections On Plagiarism
Age 24-29 In San Francisco, Read This
How I’m Spending My Time, Summer 2012 Edition
The Book Of @Semil, Courtesy Of Hyperink
A Funny Thing About Time
Metrics, Vanity Metrics, And The Chattering Class
A Glimpse Behind The Scenes At TCTV’s In The Studio
Christoper Nolan’s Geopolitical Masterpiece
Anatomy Of A Blog Revamp
A Windy Path Into Venture
Having A Presence In SF And NYC
The Organization Of The Obvious
Once In A Lifetime Golf Experience
Next Steps…
Hip Hip, Jorge
The Quietly Persistent Enterpreneur
Tomorrow Is A Big Day For Sahil (@Shl)
Nontechnical Hustling In The #Wilderness
Graphing My TechCrunch Posts By Shares
On Blogging And Comments
Clawbacks And Startups Don’t Mix
Reputation And Trust In The #Wilderness
Credibility In The #Wilderness
Basic PR Tips For Consumer Tech Startups
How I Write
Drifting In The #Wilderness
Contributing To TechCrunch
The Aristotelian Investor Pitch
The First 100 submissions
Early-Stage Startups By @semilshah
Ten Years On
Advice Can Be Tricky
A Bronx Bravo
Digital Haircut
Me + TechCrunch
Silicon Valley’s Departed
Writing Online
Travel Stress
I Used To Write By Arcade Fire
Penalties And Rewards For Behaviors
The Follow-up
New Level of NYY Haters
Waiting On Introductions
Spotted: 1st Obama ‘12 Bumper Sticker
Investors And Serendipity
An Accountant To Do Your Taxes
Example Of A Sincere Cover Letter
The Value Of Stealth Mode
My New iPhone Homescreen For 2011
Check Out This Entrepreneur’s Holiday Card:
I Found The Perfect Livestrong Phone Cover For @Arrington’s Android
Conan O’Brien Is Funnier When He’s Not On Live TV
My Favorite Artist: Katsushika Hokusai
An Old Diplomatic Dream
Nintendo, Arcade Fire, And Seredipity
Window Shopping On YouTube Or TV?
Obama Should Read This Comment By Harold Ford Carefully.
A Simple Way To Cut Down On Email (NNTR)
My Platofmr For CA Governor 2014
Harvard Business School Further Deepends Its Connection To India
Major League Baseball Is Broken. Solution: Shorten The Season
Interesting @UnitedAirlines Response To Why They Don’t Have An iPhone App
I Used To Write For @harvardBiz. Now, I Write For Myself, @semil & Quora.
Indian Entrepreneurship On Display at 24/7 Customer
Harvard Business Review, Digital Property: New Community Rule
Indian Entrepreneurship On Display At Posterous
The Himalayan Glaciers Are Melting. In The Long Run, Culture May Respond Savagely
Indian Entrepreneurship On Display At SlideShare
Indian Entrepreneurship On Display At KISSMetrics
Inception: A Poor Man’s Reiview
Dreaming Of The FIFA World Cup In India, Not The Olympics
History Of MIT’s Inolvement In The IIT’s
Entrepreneur-in-Resident EIR Programs
Indian Entrepreneurship On Display At Infobeans In California & India
On Teams, Don’t Be A Lego. Be Critical Or Be The Glue.
The Benefits (And Costs) Of An OCI Card
Indian Entrepreneurship On Display At
Indian Entrepreneurship On Display At RAGE Frameworks
Indian Entrepreneurship On Display At TEOCO
Indian Entrepreneurship On Display At eClinicalWorks
Indian Entrepreneurship On Display At Kosmix
Best Picture For Slumdog Millionaire?

Ecosystem and Market
Looking Ahead To 2016
The Force Awakened In 2015 Startup Tech
Computer Sapiens
Climate Change And Antifragile Investing In The American Retail Sector
A Convergence Of Mega-Trends
Corrective Medicine Just What The Doctor Ordered
Mobile Messaging Platforms As Internet Gatekeeper
Reimagining The Restaurant
The Confluence of Trends Making esports Go Mainstream
Moving Stress and Mobile App Medicine
The Gig Economy Debate Goes Mainstream
Guest Curating StrictlyVC This Summer
Slack’s Rise Challenges Today’s Conventonal Startup Wisdom
A Response to AVC Re: Kozmo
Facetime Elmo
Beau Biden And Climbing The Right Hill
Who Let The Conch Out
The Ecosystem’s Body And Mind
Fight Night In The Age Of Social Media
Google Trends: Snapchat vs Instagram vs Twitter (2011-2015)
Sports Innovation Conference @ Stanford GSB (2015)
Meerkasting In A Brave New World
Five Years Into SoLoMo
Apple Watch, Voice Control, and On-Demand Services
Dinner With Ben Thompson And GGV Capital
Market Resiliency And The Spector Of Exogenous Shocks
The SaaSification Of Consumer
Catching U.S. Enterprise & B2B Unicorns
LA Confdential
Transofrming Dropbox, Airbnb, And Uber Into Global Juggernauts
The 12th And Final Sunday Conversation
Consumer Concepts And The Enterprise As The End Consumer
The Slack Effect
Stealth Mode Is En Vogue Again
Nursing My Stocktoberfest Hangover
The Breakout Tech Company Of 2014
The Thin Edge Of Food Delivery
Notes From 2014 Venture Alpha West (VCJ)
Mobile-to-Offline Startups @ Series A
Bubble Thoughts
George Zachary On Silicon Valley Bubbles (Recorded June 2012
Sunday Conversation #11: Keith Rabois, Khosla Ventures (Round 4)
Consumer Attention, Friction, and Investing
Hard vs Soft Power In Technology Nation-States
Think Of YC As A Growing Startup
The Decacorns
Sunday Conversation #10: Keith Rabios, Khosla Ventures (Round 3)
Baby Unicorns
The Muddied Lexicon Of Startups
Talking Shop On Product Hunt Radio
In SF, Your Chariot Awaits
Unfolding The Map Between Uber And Google
A Podcasting Revival
Five Years And Seven Bets Made By A16Z
Mobile Platforms, Smartwatches, And Golden Hancuffs
Sunday Conversation #9: Keith Rabois, Khosla Ventures (Round 2)
Startups Movements And An Unstopabble Kinetic Energy
Talking Mobile, Investing, Bitcoins, And Podcasts With Michael Wolf
Sunday Conversations #8: Asheem Chandna, Greylock Partners
The Intersection Of Information Theory, Networks, And Investing
Decoding Gurley’s Post On Bubbles
My Interview With StartupGrind (Nov 2013)
Preview: Sunday Conversation With Greylock’s Asheem Chandna (January 26)
The Automobile As A consumer Mobile Frontier
Quick Initial Thoughts On Jelly
Sunday Conversation #7: Keith Rabois, Khosla Ventures
Preview: Sunday Conversation With Khosla Ventures’ Keith Rabois (December 15)
The Grinch Of Connected Toys
Sunday Conversation #6: Chris Dixon, Andreessen Horowitz
Preview: Sunday Conversation With a16z’s Chris Dixon (November 10)
Conversation With Sutter Hill’s Sam Pullara
Three Things The Bay Area Needs To Fix
Sunday Conversation #5: Matt Ocko, Data Collective
Preview: Sunday Conversation With Data Collective’s Matt Ocko (October 13)
Startup Investment Trends That Spiked In 2013
The Three Most Signficant Venture Deals Of 2013: Snapchat, Uber, AngelList
The Birth Of Floodgate: Text Of My Disucssion With Mike Maples
Good TV: Chamath, In Conversation With Robert Scoble
Sunday Conversation #4: Adam Nash, Wealthfront
Preview: Sunday Conversation With Adam Nash (August 25)
Sunday Conversation #3: Dev Khare, Lightspeed Venture Partners
Preview: Sunday Conversation With Dev Khare (August 11)
How Social And Primary Sources Affect Online Media Brands
Five Forces Driving The Explosion Of Stickers
Sunday Conversation #2: David Hornik, August Capital
Man Vs. (The Government) Machine
Preview: Sunday Conversation With David Hornik (July 28)
Sunday Conversation #1: Peter Fenton, Benchmark Capital
Preview: Sunday Conversation With Peter Fenton (July 14)
In The Bay Area, Why The Rent Is Too Damn High
For YC Hits, It’s Just The Beginning
Announcing A New Video Series: Sunday Conversation
PandaWhale’s Slow And Steady March To Relevance
A Personal Rant About Email SPAM
Calendar Frenzy, Google Now, And Apple’s Anticipatory Computing Problem
From Radio Nostalgia To Mobile Radio
Recruiting The New Labor Force
The Diamon Is In The Comments
Iterations: How ESPN Thinks Aboout The Future Of Its Product And Technologies
Mega-Trend: Ride-Sharing At Scale Could Be Crazy Massive
The Enterprise, In Lay Terms
Pedestrian, Rambling Thoughts On Tumblr And Yahoo!
How Downtown Palo Alto Has Changed Over The Last Three Years
The Tension Between Transparency And Privacy In The Startup Ecosystem
Five Mega-Trends Which Make Nextdoor Fascinating
Iterations: Google Challenges Apple At The iOS Application Layer
Web Search, Beyond Google
Hosting Noah Doyle (@noahventure) In The Studio
Hosting Ashu Garg Of Bloomreach In The Studio
Hosting @BradfordCross In The Studio
Hosting Gautam Gupta (@Gramblings) In The Studio
Hosting @Poornima In The Studio
Life Without Cable TV And Comcast’s Future
The Mailbox Velvet-Rope: Don’t Try This At Home
The Valley’s Best Investors On Distribution
Airport And Software CLEARance
Startups Helping Hurriance Sandy Victims
Iterations: We Know About B2B And B2C, But Don’t Overlook B2D
Iterations: Swords And Shields In The Merchant Economy
Emptying Our Pockets
A Dizzying Survey Of Video Apps
Good TV: @Kevin Systrom Interview
Good TV: @Jason Interviews @Sacca
Escaping The Kozmos
Oil And Water: Twitter And The London Olympics
Socialcam’s $60M Hack
Timehopping Into Nostalgia
A Web Of Extraction
The New Cartography
Distribution Is a Hell Of A Drug
California Quickly Becoming A Failed State
Gardening And Weeding On Social Networks
The Pinterestization Of The Web
Test-Driving Uber, Lyft, And Sidecar
A Powerful Insight From Highlight
The Top Five Videos From TC Disrupt NYC 2012
Photographs > Video ?
A Real Timehop: Votizen
The @path Less Traveled
Despite Attacks, Klout Is Posed To Boost Its Influence
IFTTT Triggers Loyal, Nerdy Following
Social Censorship In India: Much Ado About Nothing
Exploring The Labs Trend In Consumer Startups
Social Travel: Rediscovering The Friendly Skies
The Big Data Bottleneck In The Consumer Web
Data Analysis In Early Stage Startups
Deconstructing The Occupy Movement
The Degeneration Of Premium Media Brands
Swords And Shields In The Merchanct Economy
Turning No Into Yes In India
The Trick To Getting Meetings In India
India’s Elephantine Legal System
Quick Takeaways, Web 2.0 Summit
Boiling Down Mary Meeker’s Trends
The A16Z Effect On YC And Sand Hill
Socioclean: For Social Networks A New Take On e-Commerce
New Networks Reshape The Web
Doot: Pushing Adventure To Location
Streamliner: Making Online Video Accessible
.@Rexly for iPhone Has The Magic
f8 Poetry
How Discovery Will Drive Transactions
Online Identity And Online Commerce
The Primary Colors Of Secondary Market
The Underground Promise Of
Key Themes From TC Disrupt SF 2011
Food-related Startups Of 2011
Music-related Startups Of 2011
The Illusion Of Social Networks
The Peer-to-Peer Evolution
The True Color Of Color Labs
Big Data Needs To Think Bigger
The Next Wave In Social Networks: Political Expression
Social Refresh And Rebuild
Response To Recent NYT Op-Eds
Search, Discovery, And Transactions
The Verizon Retail Bamboozle
TechCrunch Disrupt: 5 Things I’m Watching
Malick, DJ Sahdow, And PG
Wall Street Is A Different Place
Paywalls, Sharewalls, And Credit Layers On Content Sites
Groupon vs. Foursquare
Tying Quora Identity To LinkedIn And Posterous
Technical GitS Silicon Valley Could Donate To Japan
Rankings Drive Reputation
The Other SXSW
A Poor Man’s Guide To Internet Valuations
Rewards For Interaction On Social Networks
Information, Social Graph, And Navel-Gazing
The Groupon Effect
The Dark Fiber Of Knowledge
Location-Based Services And Density
Drafting In The Social Network Race
Three Levels Of Value Created By Big Data
Himalayan Climate Change Threatens Regional Stability. Can India Help?
Should Voters Decide California’s Energy Future?
The Market For News: @tomfriedman vs @tunkuv
NYC On Income Equality Fails To Ask The Big Question
Changing Dating Patterns In India
India & The UN Security Council: The old Architecture
Tarun Khanna Of HBS Named New Head Of Harvard’s South Asia Initative
Nitin Nohria On Future Of Indian Business In 21st Century
HBS Dean Nitin Nohria Speech Transcript On Business In India (2010)
HBS And India: Putting Their Mouth Where The Money Is
Toyota’s Crisis Provides Learning Opportunity For Tata Motors
At Copenhagen, The US Should Partner With India
Thoughts On India’s Informal Economy From A U.S. High School Student
Copenhagen End Game: India’s Negotiating Position
Future Of Indian Armed Forces: R&D Or M&A?
Even Education Is Flat
The State Of SEZs In India
The Key To Innovation In India: Co-Location
Asian Market Power: The Next Steps Of Globalization
India’s Demographics: Favorable Today, Costly Tomorrow
India’s Informal Economy And The Global Recession
A Potentially Extractive Relationship: American Universities And India
The Last Days Of The Indian Tiger
Much Ado About Nothing: India’s 2009 Elections And Rewarding Manmohan
The Muto Implications Of The Tata Nano
Crickets And Carrots In South Asia
Reflections On 2008 Mumbai Terrorist Attacks
Quick Reaction To PG’s Essay, Refragmentation
Quick Follow-up On Facebook, FreeBasics, And India

Big Tech Companies

Facebook Meets The License Raj Of India
On Mobile, Facebook Has Moves Like Jagger
For Facebook, An Orthogonal, Astigmatic Move Into Virtual Reality
The Whatsapp Effect
The WhatsApp Story Challenges Some Of The Valley’s Conventional Wisdom
Facebook’s Diamond Engagement Ring
Unpacking Facebook’s Mobile Strategy: Paper, All The Mobile News That’s Fit To Print
Some Thoughts On Facebook’s Ads, Stock Price, And Instagram
Clarifying My Tweet, Plus Five Things I Want From Facebook
A Youthful Rebellion Against The Permamance Of Facebook’s Walled Garden
Brief Thoughts On The Rollout Of Facebook Home
From My Archives: The Facebook iPhone (Sept 2011)
The Signifigance Of The Instagram Acquisition
The Facebook iPhone
facePhone 5
Facebook Cleanse 101
Facebook And Hollywood – A Thought for Sunday
The Facebook Mafia (Map)

Blocking On Twitter
How I Use Twitter Lists
Beginning New Conversations On Twitter
An Important Twitter List
An Open Letter To Twitter HQ
A Theory On The Rise Of Tweetsorms
Twitter And The Language Of Wall Street
Concerened About Twitter, Concerened About Design
Language And Leverage On Twitter
Thoughts On Jenna Wortham’s Article About Twitter (Dated Jan 24, 2014)
The Twitter Mafia Poised To Be Silicon Valley’s Next Great Network
From Fail Whale To Uncaged Bird, Twitter’s IPO Drumbeat Will Get Louder
Twitter Needs To Reexamine Its DM-Strategy
Collecting Personal Feedback Anonymously Via Twitter
Twitter And Loneliness
Anticipating Changes To My Twitter Experience
As Twitter Matures, Expect Expanded Tweets
A Tiny Trick For Tuning Twitter
The Twitter Endgame
Twitter’s Golden Egg: Location
Sharing Links On Twitter
Twitter And The Authentic Web
MoMA’s Description of The Twittering Machine
The Twitter Endgame
Thoughts On Twitter’s Valuation
Twitter’s Dicey Relationship With Q&A
Twitter’s Pivot 2011: From Front-End To Back-End
The Bogus Accounts Problem @ Twitter
The Ability To Retweet: A Right, Or A Privilege
Why I’d Like To See @Twitter On The Silver Screen
Twitter App Developers: Here’s A Small Money-Making Idea
One day, I’d Like To See The Move The Twittering Machine.
The Signal-to-Noise Ratio On Twitter

Stopping At The Drive-Thru To An Uber IPO
Uber’s Wedge Into Google’s Moonshot
Weekly Curated Email Newsletter About Uber
We’re Finally Learning More About Uber’s Platform Strategy
The UberEATS Test Arrives in San Francisco
Brief Announcement: No Book On Uber
Table Of Contents For The Uber Effect
The Uber Effect – Preface And Table Of Contents
Briefly Taking Stock Of The Uber Shakeup
Hey, I’m Writing A Book About Uber
The Summer Of Uber: Aggressive Expansion
Unpacking The $17B Uber Financing
UberRUSH Raises Three Critical Questions For The Future Of Mobile On-Demand Services
Old 2012 Post On Uber’s Surge Pricing
Seven Resaons I’m Fascinated By Uber’s Latest Financing
The Long-Term Power Of The Uber Brand
Uber’s New Year’s Eve Surcharges Demonstrate The Harsh Reality Of Dynamic Pricing

On The Eve Of Apple’s Next Generation iPhones
My Six Takeaways From Apple’s Watch Keynote
Keepsakes, Nostalgia, and Apple
Apple, Marketing And Black Culture
The Bottom Of The Org Chart
Brief Reactions To AVC Review Of iOS
Perspective On An iPad Marketing In Flux
The Unbundling Potential Of Apple’s Passbook
The Harsh Realities Of iOS App Distribution
Moving From AT&T To Verizon With iPhone 5
Only Two Reasons For Iphone Users To Stay With AT&T
The Long Road To Prismatic For iPhone
The Hidden iPhone Battery Issue
Why iOS5 Affects Battery Performance
The Siri Effect That’s Impossible To Measure
The iOS App Store: Needles In Haystacks
Prediction: Apple Will Acquire Instagram
How NOT To Drop Calls On AT&T’s iPhone
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